Life enrichment through continual learning

Since 1969, the School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University(SCE), has long earned and continuously enhanced its reputation as the pioneer and largest lifelong learning institution in the nation. SCE offers a wide array of accredited, professional enhancement programs & courses, professional certification programs, and full & part-time undergraduate as well as graduate programs. As of 2007, more than 3,500 courses were offered to over 40,000 students annually, and up to seven extension centers across the nation, from the nation’s capital, Taipei to the southernmost part of the island, in Kao-Shiong.

Since the first year the Ministry of Education started recognizing the contributions of Continuing Education in Taiwan, SCE has earned its credibility from such governance, awarded annually since its initiation as “The Most Outstanding Continuing Education” in the nation. On top of such government credibility for its strong efforts, SCE was also been awarded the “National Human Resources Development InnoPrize” by the Council of Labor Affairs of Executive Yuan in 2006, recognizing its contribution to the society in the development of human resources in the nation.